Craig Anderson — CV

I’m a web developer specialising in Python and Django with over 18 years of experience. I’m pursuing contract roles as it should, in time, give me more flexibility to move as my partner’s academic career demands. I’m motivated by work for social and environmental good.

I’m a signatory to the programmer’s oath.

Contact Details

You can contact me via email.

Skills Summary

  • Python 3
  • Django
  • Django Rest Framework
  • Celery

Work History

Back End Developer (Permanent and Contract), Ten Group (Feb ‘17–May ‘18)

Ten Group is a luxury lifestyle concierge service. In 2016, they chose to start development of an online concierge platform in-house.

  • As part of a team of senior developers, I helped establish a new platform to replace an existing prototype. The new platform is being implemented using Django, Django Rest Framework and Celery. It’s also making extensive user of Docker and Docker Compose.
  • I was technical lead on the platform’s back end travel component, an API which integrates with a number of third-party services to search for and book flights, hotels, and cars to hire.
  • I also led development of the platform’s integration with Ten’s internal CRM platform using SOAP and a custom XML API.

Tech Team Lead, Ubiquity Press (Oct ‘16–Feb ‘17)

Ubiquity Press is a publisher of open-access academic journals, books and data.

  • I was responsible for setting the technical direction of the company whilst maintaining a suite of Django- and PHP-based legacy applications.

Senior Web Developer, Squareweave (Dec ‘15–Oct ‘16)

Squareweave is a full-service digital agency focused on non-profits and social enterprise clients.

  • I was technical lead on ehHAT, a survey system for headspace (the Australian national youth mental health foundation) implemented using Django in a Docker-powered development environment. ehHAT is used by mental health clinicians to interview young people before their counselling session. In this project I:
    • Led back end development;
    • Coordinated with project stakeholders; and
    • Participated in user experience testing sessions.
  • I was also part of the team developing and maintaining HAPI, a PHP-based system used by headspace to collect and analyse information from young people.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

The ABC is Australia’s national broadcaster, similar to the BBC in Britain.

Back End and API Custom Services Development Team Lead (Jul ‘15–Dec ‘15)

  • I managed a geographically diverse team of developers through an organisational restructure.
  • I ran an audit of systems across the ABC and worked with stakeholders to rationalise systems.

Senior Web Developer (Sep ‘11–Jun ‘15)

  • I was technical lead on Club3, a social network for 8– to 12–year olds. Club3 was written in PHP using the Symfony framework, backed by MySQL and SQLite databases. As part of my work on Club3, I:
    • Coordinated migration of Club3 onto Amazon Web Services for production and Vagrant for development;
    • Led development of ABC3 RAWR, a user-generated video platform built on top of Club3 which was nominated for a Webby award. Video uploaded to this platform is now broadcast on ABC31; and
    • Developed the Club3 game scoring API, and coordinated with game developers to improve the game scoring API and its documentation.
    • Developed a video transcoding microservice to manage interaction with Zencoder in Flask (a Python microframework) with a DynamoDB NoSQL database.
  • I provided technical leadership and advice to producers, managers and developers in the ABC Kids team.

SitePoint Group

The SitePoint Group is a publisher of books, courses and articles for web developers as well as being a collective of start-up business.

Senior Web Developer (Jan ‘07–Sep ‘11)

  • I worked in the development teams of 99designs, Learnable and SitePoint as well as custom PHP applications for government and corporate clients.
  • I provided technical mentoring to other developers within the company, specifically on JavaScript development and application architecture.

Technical Editor (Jun ‘05–Dec ‘06)

  • As part of the editorial team, I edited books for technical correctness and adherence to best practices on subjects such as ASP.NET development, server administration, AJAX, web design and CSS.

Prior Roles

  • Analyst Programmer, Infosys (Jan 2000–Jun ‘05)
  • Duty Programmer, RMIT University Department of Computer Science (July ‘99–Dec ‘99)

Personal Projects is a simple web site for converting Unix timestamps into human-readable dates. Originally written in PHP and hosted on AWS, the site now uses the Flask framework, and Travis CI and Heroku for constant deployment. The rewrite employed test-driven development practices. The source code is available on GitHub.


Bachelor of Applied Science (Computer Science), RMIT University, Australia (1997–1999)

Graduated with Distinction.


I’m a coach at codebar, teaching people from underrepresented groups how to code, a mentor at Meet a Mentor, and am one of the organisers of the London Django Meetup.

  1. The ABC have since re-branded ABC3 as ABC ME, and ABC3 RAWR as ABC ME Your Films.